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Uncovering the hidden potential of Ag-research data

What is Axiom?
Axiom is a universal agriculture AI-driven platform that leverages the massive amount of untapped agricultural data from academic research, private sector companies and in-field data to provide Ag professionals with smart and actionable insights.
We develop a unique field trials protocol, management system and advanced analytic tools to enable the people of agriculture to get more from their data.
Axiom Solution

Field Trials Management

Conducting agronomic field trials research is a complex and time consuming operation. Managing and recording the research data can be prone to mistakes and data loss when there are many people involved in the research.

Our innovative solution is designed to allow the researchers to manage their field trials research, record and preserve the data in an easy and simple way and to utilize the vast research data in Axiom to enhance their research.

GUARDS Protocol

Growers Universal Agronomic Research Data Standard aims to translate the unique way each researcher preserves research raw data into one common language that any researcher in the world can understand. GUARDS is based on the FAIR data principles by focusing on the Interoperability and Reusability of the data.

Data Preservation & Usability

Do you have historical research data that you
are not currently using?

With the Axiom solution you can easily import your historical research data to a single platform, preserve it online and share it with your colleagues and with other researchers around the world.

Our unique technology translates unstructured data from common formats such as an excel sheet into our innovative GUARDS protocol in an automated process to make it accessible and reusable to all.

Global Research Repository

Imagine what the possibilities could be if you had access to new insights based on the integration of your research with hundreds of other field trials from around the world.

Our global research repository is designed to allow researchers to share their published research raw data based on the GUARDS protocol, access other public researches and for the first time utilize the power of big data.

Advanced Analytics & Insights

Not only will your data be structured and organized but it will also be accessible to analytics and AI-based tools allowing you to gain more out of your research data.  We are continuously developing our analytics environment to allow you export insights that were not available before.  

Who is Axiom for?
Research Institutes
Preserve your historical research raw data for future generations according to our GUARDS protocol.
Manage your current agronomic research in our proprietary research management platform.
Extract new innovative insights and explore new research opportunities based on public shared data and advanced analytics like never before.
Get Acknowledged for your contribution by sharing your research data with other researchers around
the world.
Private Sector
Enhance your sales team by creating marketing materials in a more comprehensive manner that is backed by academic research data.
Maximize your research capabilities by comparing results with Axiom's global research repository.
Manage your field trials in one platform and compare your research results with academic data from around the world.
Explore agronomic research, most recent discoveries and insights.
Manage field trials and demo plots with our research management platform.
Transform data into actionable insights with minimum effort.
Our Values


Axiom is based on academic research raw data and collected legacy research data that was published in an official journal. The raw data is standardized, curated and validated using GUARDS protocol both manually by our team of professionals and automatically by our data pipeline protocols. Every data point that is published is signed for and approved.


We support the FAIR principle of data management and therefore we developed the GUARDS protocol, to bring the fragmented and unstructured data from different sources and types into one common ground.


In order to revolutionize the agricultural domain we depend on the collaboration with as many partners as possible. From universities to ag-professionals, we need everyone aboard. Sharing knowledge is the key to change. As the Genome project did to the Genetic research, we aim for a similar concept with Axiom.
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