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What is Flex?
FLEX is a cross platform that helps Ag-professionals easily and accurately create fertilizer plans that improve field ROI and reduce waste based on comprehensive fertility algorithms and field-proven verified data.

Professional Holistic Approach

Easy to Use

Connects You to Your Growers

Personalized Work Plan



Easily specify the crop nutrient needs based on field characteristics and get your tailor made solution

Application Planning

Match and compare your customer work plan to his crop nutritional needs to reach yield optimization

Customer Base

Easily manage your growers and follow their local insights in order to see the bigger picture

Grower Fields

Zoom in to your growers fields and follow its progress

Make an intelligent fertilization plan today
It’s so simple to create fertilizer plans that will improve your field ROI and reduce waste. It’s all based on a comprehensive fertility algorithm.
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Who is Flex for?
Large-Scale Growers
The Benefits


Field-proven verified data
More than 150 crops data
12 crop essential nutrients

Agronomic Practices

Crop removal rate approach
Based on crop phenological stages
Field analysis upload and interpretation
Fertilizer application settings
Organic manure calculations

Strengthen Customer

Customer base management
Product catalog based recommendations
A personalized recommendation
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